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When Dr. Axelrod first introduced the Discus to the wonderful world of fish keeping, it was impossible for any but the most experienced aquarist to maintain a proper environment to house even one of these beautiful feats of nature, let alone breed a pair. Today, many enjoy whole collections of brightly colored specimens, though special care must still be taken for best results.


The Truth About Discus

Mark Evenden dispels some long-held myths about these iconic South American favourites. It's high time the facts were separated from the fiction, about Discus. Beliefs passed through the hobby may not be necessary, benefical or even accurate - as you'll discover:

Catching Wild Discus

There are several suppliers and dealers that are responsible for catching the wild discus fish and availing them to the discus keepers and hobbyists. They are responsible for all the processes involved. To catch wild discus, people use a bright light at night to attract the fish.

Keeping Discus Fish: How to care freshwater discus fish in your aquarium

Discus Aquarium Essentials

Quite probably the most asked question when it come to the equipment you need to run a Discus aquarium is "what is the best…" Well that is very subjective and will often be a simple matter of opinion based on experience of particular equipment.

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Description: Discus World Ireland. Irelands largest Discus Specialist.
Over 80 tanks of show quality Discus from world champion breeder Jorg Stendker.
2.5″ from €25 upto 8″ adults and breeding pairs.
Usually 400 to 500 Discus in stock. Stingrays available. Ro units, medication, tds meters and food available. Open 7 days, Phone for directions.

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Stone Lodge, Ballymakellet, Ravensdale, Co Louth, Ireland

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